Many Northwoods homes, cabins and cottages were first built in the 1900s. While they have plenty of character, they may have limited space and need a few updates to make them more comfortable, contemporary, and functional for the twenty-first century family. Benson Builders can make that happen. Our custom designs integrate the classic character of older residences, while providing contemporary amenities that provide you with the space you need. And all of our additions, remodels, renovations and restorations are done in an environmentally friendly manner — reusing demo material, recycling unusable demo material, and using as much of the existing structure as possible.

Benson will work with you on projects big or small. From renovating single rooms, to additions, or near-complete teardowns, we have the experience and tools to seamlessly re-engineer your space. Besides the floorplan, you won't be able to tell what's old or what's new!

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