At Benson Builders, we're proud of what our customers are saying.

"When we first met, we felt confident you would be able to build a house that our family would enjoy for years. We have never lost that confidence. Benson Builders was great to work with - you offered great suggestions, listened to our ideas and steered us correctly when we were indecisive. Thanks for everything."

– George and Tricia

"With each step of the project, we cheer and take pictures and cluck over its beauty. Even though you are simultaneously working on other homes, you make us feel like ours is the only one. It makes the experience special. We can't wait to carry on our family traditions here and create new ones."

– Tom and Jenny

"Your designs made us excited to build a home - one that would be the basis for our family. We have probably said it a hundred times - you built us the house of our dreams! Thanks again for making this such a pleasurable experience."

– Mark and Binnie

"Kathy and I are very happy with how the house is turning out. We’re pleased with the overall design of the house and the finish selections we have made. We know it will be a very comfortable and beautiful place to retire. This certainly has been a learning curve for both of us, but your staff has been very helpful and patient.

Thanks again to the Benson crew for making our dreams come true."

– Steve and Kathy

"We want to thank each one of you for the beautiful job you did on our cabin in the Northwoods. The good decisions, craftsmanship and concern for the process made this project very enjoyable and very satisfying. Thank you for building our home!"

– Lyle and Suzanne

"You can be proud of your work and your employees. We heard horror stories about building and remodeling, but you made this job a real joy. We have had fifty years of love and soul-soothing happiness in our cabin and now we look forward to many more."

– Bob and Rosemary

"Our home is a treasure, and I know your expertise has made our home stand out in a class by itself. We appreciate the attention to detail and the assurance that we have a quality home. You have built an outstanding business that only comes from clear sighted vision and teamwork from a group of fine individuals."

– John and Linda

"We are very impressed with the quality of workmanship from your people and subcontractors. We were particularly impressed with the care and concern you yourself took in positioning our house on the lot. I believe this is a characteristic only a few select contractors have. You are definitely one of the select."

– Jim and Ann